Smart City and “bathing water” Monitoring

A 3 year research project has provided a good indication of the applicability of a new, online E.coli monitoring technique compared to traditional sampling. Based on the results, the following conclusions were taken:
·      The continuous online sampling of the water quality using the BACTcontrol and subsequent lab analysis provide a good insight into the hygienic water quality in the canals of the Gemeente Breda.
·      The hygienic water quality in the canals (expressed in Ecoli) appears dominantly influenced by sewageoverflows. It takes, after a major sewer overflow a few days before the water quality is back to normal.
·      The online measurement of the enzymatic activity of E.coli using the BACTcontrol is very suitable for alarming: the BACTcontrol immediately indicates when the water quality has become insufficient due to sewage overflows.

To ensure validated data, microLAN bv has developed an integrated combination of sampling, E.coli monitoring, data transmission, alarming and sample storage. The confirmation of the result will be secured by a certified laboratory. Due to its small footprint (Euro pallet size), the BlueBox is optimally suited for temporary application of monitoring surface water quality.

The first level data platform of Ayyeka integrates the results and reliability of the hardware settings of the analyser, the sampler, the modem and the power supply, and when exceeded, an automatic storage of a sample at 4 degrees follows. The certified laboratory then automatically receives a notification that completes the chain, in order to have the indicative alarm followed up with confirmation of a validated and certified measurement method.

The second level data platform, the IoT dashboard from Blockbax, ensures the integration of environmental data (including rainfall, maintenance, etc.) and communication to a government data platform to inform citizens / stakeholders.

In collaboration with OptiSenseData and JADS – Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, AI research is being done on further integration of environmental indicators such as sewage pump and overflow data, to develop an algorithm prediction and to improve the certainty of online monitoring.
More information about the BlueBox data-as-a-service, can be obtained via microLAN bv. Information about the BACTcontrol can be obtained via Aqualabo.