Pilot of bactcontrol at Aigües de Barcelona

MicroLAN just started (Febr. 2017) to work under WP10 of Aquavalens with Aigües de Barcelona and CETaqua. This WP aims to obtain data on the occurrence of waterborne pathogens in different water types and implement and test the microbiological methods and tools for risk management in large water systems.

The team consists of:

  • Claudia Puigdomenech Serra
  • David Baquero Gonzalez
  • Arnau Pla Mateu
  • Ruben Juarez Camara (all CETaqua)
  • Gemma Saucedo Pages (Agbar)
  • Joep Appels
  • Rick Appels
  • Jaap van den Dries (all microLAN).

Part of the pilot is to do a comparison of the BACTcontrol and ATP testing in various places of the drinking water treatment facility.

After running the system for 1 month at the testing facility of Aigües de Barcelona, they found already interesting results with comparing (grab)samples after sand filtration and ozonation. We were especially pleased to see the very stable baseline results of the tap water with the online Total Activity test, proving the good water quality in Barcelona!

More results of running the online bacteria monitor at the production facility will come up in the next months when we commence with the work package.