Ponsel DO sensor

Discover fast and reliable dissolved oxygen measurement with Ponsel’s state-of-the-art OPTOD probes. Select your sensor according to your specific needs – choose between rugged stainless steel, titanium, or innovative plastic probes. These cutting-edge optical sensors guarantee precision without the hassle of constant calibration. Ponsel’s commitment to excellence ensures they meet the demands of field work and sustained campaigns. Improve your water quality assessments with our versatile and durable sensors that offer optimal performance in a wide range of applications, setting a new standard in dissolved oxygen measurement.

Technical specifications


Measure principle Optical measure by luminescence
Measure ranges 0,00 to 20,00 mg/L
0,00 to 20,00 ppm
Resolution 0,01
Accuracy +/- 0,1mg/L
+/- 0,1 ppm
+/- 1 %
Response time 90% of the value in less than 60 seconds
Frequency of recommended measure >5 s
Water move No necessary move
Temperature compensation Via NTC
Stocking temperature -10°C to + 60°C
Signal interface Modbus RS-485 (standard) and SDI-12 (option)
Sensor power-supply 5 to 12 volts
Consumption Standby 25 μA
Average RS485 (1 measure/ seconde) : 4,4 mA
Average SDI12 (1 measure/ seconde) : 7,3 mA
Current pulse : 100 mA


Dimensions Diameter : 25 mm ; length : 146 mm
Weight Stainless steel version 450g (sensor + cable 3 m)
Titanium version 300 g (sensor + cable 3 m)
Material Stainless steel 316L, New : body in Titanium
Maximum pressure 5 bars
Connection 9 armoured connectors, polyurethane jacket, barewires or waterproof Fisher connector
Protection IP68