Monitoring products

Water quality monitoring, a fundamental business for every industry

microLAN supplies three complementary systems that detect Algae, Bacteria and Chemical-Toxicity pollutions in water.

The early warning systems for water quality monitoring, based on light measurements are developed by microLAN and used for monitoring in drinking, surface and process waters. The control systems can be used in all kind of water utilities and industries all over the world.

The ALGcontrol-BACTcontrol- and TOXcontrol instantly response to a change in water quality, giving an alarm signal to indicate a possible water pollution.

The advantage of microLAN’s monitoring instruments, the ALGcontrol-, BACTcontrol- and TOXcontrol, is that the water is guarded permanently, avoiding the need for a high frequent collection of water samples and lab analyses. A possible pollution is detected quickly, allowing the operator to take appropriate action immediately and prevent further damage to customers and the environment.