20 years ago was the first day I started microLAN bv and it was a (almost)always fun! We did great things like the development of the TOXcontrol as the first online toxicity monitor using luminescentbacteria of which are now >500 installation around the world. Then from monitoring chemical contaminations we added the first online ecoli monitor which together with the Aqualabo team we are selling around the world. With great thanks to Xavier BroiseJérôme LEGEAISeverine Goulette and Frederic Bellouard we’re now supporting the international sales team Yoann FournierGuillaume ReantXinlu CHENTristan CoubèresSowrabh Kamtikar and Yann ROGER.

It could not be better today with transferring my knowledge of E.coli monitoring to new European distributors like Miguel Nardulli LFlavio BordoniStephen OfferPeter Witherden, Tommy Jansson and Johannes Lundin from KZ Handels AS, Pavol Beutelschmidt from ECM ECO Monitoring, a.s.. With the support from Alireza AmirgolJesse SmitRick AppelsInge Speekenbrink and Britt van Boxtel, through Aqualabo they can increase the success of the bactcontrol. Thanks all of you, now on to new things regarding AI and dataanalytics (more news will follow soon).