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Evaluation of an innovative online system for bacterial total activity determination in process and drinking water

D Baquero*, A Pla*, R Juárez*, MJ Arnedo**, Joep Appels***, C Puigdomènech*,
G Saucedo**, S González*, X Bernat*, B Galofré**

(*Cetaqua, Water Technology Center, **Aigües de Barcelona, ***microLAN)

Nowadays, microbiological water safety is rising as one of the major concerns regarding production and distribution of drinking water. The current microbial water quality monitoring techniques are still time-consuming and mainly restricted to culturable bacteria. Therefore, the development of rapid and accurate microbiology monitoring systems is a key factor to enable drinking water supply systems to ensure safe water for the population. In the frame of Aquavalens project (7th Framework Programme, EU) innovative and advanced detection methods for microbial water monitoring have been explored. BACTcontrol, one of these improved tools, can help to gain a better understanding of the living microorganisms found in drinking water and to evaluate the effectiveness of processes in drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) and distribution.

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Bactcontrol IWA 2018 Poster_v3

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