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RSFplus- Removal of micro pollutants and bacteria from combined sewer overflow and wastewater treatment plant effluent

Retention soil filters (RSFs) are vertical flow constructed wetlands with sandy filter material. During the process of percolation, solids and other particles are reduced due to filtration, adsorption and biochemical processes within the filter medium. RSFs are used to treat rainwater from separate sewer systems or combined sewer overflows (CSO) after heavy rain events. They do not only reduce the hydraulic stress of the receiving waterbody but also the pollutant load of the sewage water. Studies on the reduction efficiency of RSFs revealed reduction rates of ≥ 75 % for nutrients (Frechen, 2012). Studies conducted by the Erftverband showed that RSFs are also able to reduce certain micro pollutants (Mertens et al. 2012).


Tot read more about this project download the white paper.

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