On 29 March 2018 KWR Watercycle Research in Nieuwegein host the “Wateranalysis and Sensoring” symposium.

This event is organized by COAST and KWR Watercycle Research.

The symposium aims at offering an insight in the current state-of-the-art of the chemical analysis of water, as well as in new or promising analytical techniques. Under the subject of “Sensoring”, the symposium will also present an overview and examples of current in/on-line sensor technology applications in water analysis

Joep Appels of microLAN will present on this workshop with the following title (and a short abstract):

  • Will the GenX and Pyrazole crisis not happen anymore when we will have online SPE-TOX (or something similar)
  • Abstract: more than 10 years ago several initiatives where started to do toxicity monitoring on concentrated samples. Already in 2009 RIVM published a method where bioassays showed severe effects in the concentrated samples at chronic effect levels. Those effects were not always attributed to the insecticides or herbicides measured in the area. What did we (not)learn from this ?