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The companies PlantLab from ‘s-Hertogenbosch,Lenntech from Delfgauw and microLAN from Waalwijk have joined forces to develop a Circular Clean Water System (CCWS).

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The Circular Clean Water System is a water treatment installation which completely treats water by combining different innovative technologies. It will also be possible to measure the quality of the water in real time. The system will be tested in combination with a Plant Production Unit (PPU) but will also be individually applicable in (greenhouse) horticulture. The aim of the system is to comply with government standards which require the removal of at least 95% of all pesticides from wastewater from (greenhouse) horticulture.

The Plant Production Unit (PPU) by PlantLab is a new technology in which a variety of crops can be cultivated in a fully controlled and closed environment. There is no need for the use of pesticides. In contrast to traditional horticulture, the climate in a PPU is not influenced by sunlight, the external climate, day/night rhythms, and the weather and seasons. However, a remaining challenge within the PPU is the provision of clean water so that micro-organisms cannot negatively affect cultivation. With this development, the production of sufficient food on a small surface using fewer resources can be further optmised.

Aims of the CCWS:

  • remove > 98% of pesticides in (greenhouse) horticulture
  • effectively treat recirculated water with respect to coarse contaminants and algae
  • prevent the spread of plant pathogens (such as bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms)
  • guarantee food safety by preventing ‘human pathogens’ (such as  E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria)
  • remove other plant growth-inhibiting substances (such as root extrudates)
  • use unique water quality sensors to remain in full control of the cultivation process.

Project length: 2 years

This project is co-financed by the Province of Noord-Brabant.